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Organizing Dreamcast Games in a Spreadsheet

Organizing Dreamcast Games in a Spreadsheet Those who started games long ago should remember that it was not a concern to have very specific categories for games. They were simply spaceship games, racing games, fighting games ... we just played and had fun, we were purer players, but over time new categories were being imposed by the "experts", taking away the simplicity of things. I think normal people when looking for a game still think simple, if they want a spaceship game, for example, they imagine a game in the old arcade style and not in a category like shoot 'em up. Thinking this way I was able to sort a large number of games in a simple spreadsheet, creating categories that are intuitive for me considering my childhood experiences, so I can organize games in SD memory considering factors such as category, blocks needed etc. I didn't find anything on the internet. After many hours of work researching covers and translating Japanese I was able to achieve